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At all membership levels, dues are used to fund research studies and shape policy advocacy related to the advancement of the Latino population in Texas public schools. In addition to receiving the benefits of this research and advocacy as well as insider legislative updates, members are also invited to participate in various TALAS-sponsored leadership symposiums held throughout the year.

TALAS also administers a structured mentorship program for aspiring Latino administrators. Members are encouraged to participate as either a mentor or a protégé. Those who join will be invited to share their experiences and ideas both through the mentorship program and as speakers and panelists at leadership conferences, and they will take an active role in shaping the policy agenda for TALAS.



Local Membership


State Membership



Memberships are active once your payment has been received.
As part of your membership, you will receive access to members-only information and communication.
No physical materials will be delivered or shipped. Membership fees are non-refundable.

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